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Professional Lavalier Microphone

The Tram TR50 is a professional omnidirectional electret condenser lavalier microphone with a low-profile design resulting in low visibility. The TR50 features an integrated power supply and has a frequency response that enhances the character and frequencies associated with speech. It can be powered by the included 357 battery or with phantom power.  The TR50 features minimum sound coloration for universal use and is easily combined with boom microphones.

$9.00 $10.50
Professional Shotgun and Windscreen Kit

Sennheiser MK416 directional (shotgun) microphone with Rygote Super-shield wind kit.  The Sennheiser MK416 is a compact pressure-gradient microphone with short interference tube, highly immune to humidity due to its RF condenser design. Featuring high directivity, low self noise, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection, the MKH 416 can handle difficult exterior filming and reporting conditions without any difficulty.   It has a supercardioid/lobe pattern.  The Rygote Super-shield is a complete windshield / shock-mount system has a unique pod designed for fast microphone access while maintaining Rycote’s professional, flexible levels of wind protection set in place by the Modular Windshield system.  

Note:  Works best with a boom pole.

$40.00 $47.00
Professional LED Field Light (2 Astra LED Bi-Color Panel) Kit

The Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED Panel that is 4x the brightness the original Bi-Color 1x1. As in previous versions of the 1x1 form factor, the Astra 1x1 variable tungsten to daylight color temperature with negligible color shift, 0-100% dimming and a universal (100-240 VAC) adapter. You can also run on 13-24 VDC batteries with separate V-Mount battery plate.  Kit contains 2 Astra 1x1 Lights; 2 power cables; 2 V-mount brackets; 2 P-tap to 3-pin XLR; 2 light stands

$100.00 $120.00
Professional Reflector (32" Gold/white)

A highly portable kit consisting of 2 different resilient fabric surfaces stretched over the single spring steel collapsible frame. The Gold disk transforms your light source into the warmest glow, evoking the aura of sunset and romance.

$5 $6
LED on camera light

This LED camera light offers longevity, low power consumption and daylight balanced illumination.  This light utilizes 4 AA batteries.

$5.00 $6.00
Lighting Kit (2 lights and stands)

1 Omni light, 2 light stands, filter frame, 1 umbrella, 1 Omni OR Tota light, 2 power cords, clothespins, bulbs, 2 flex arms

$27.00 $32.00
Videssence IceLite 220

Videssence IceLite 220W Non-Dim Fluorescent Fixture, Even Coverage for Studio, ENG or OB Apps

$20 $23
C Stand

Removable Turtle Base, 40" Main Section, 2 36" Risers, 40" Arm, Grip Head

$5 $6
Portable Green Screen Kit

Chroma Green backdrop is great for shooting for digital knockouts. BackDrops are made from muslin fabric.  Bag with 2 green screen sheets and 5 stands, 4 frame poles, 2 super lamp holders for CFL bulbs, black / silver umbrella, binder clips, 4 rods for frame. 

$5 $6
Professional Reflector (6 in 1 42")

6 in 1 42" Illuminator reflector, includes 1 full-stop diffusion panel frame, 1 two-stop diffusion panel frame, 1 reversible zippered cover, silver, gold, sunlight and black, case  

$5 $6